Supporting Local Cricketer

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The Philanthropic Collective is honored to throw its support behind an inspiring young man. We will be donating $1000 to help him fulfill his dream. Read his story below and if you too can help don’t hesitate There are millions of tiny stars twinkling in the night sky to inspire the dreams of those who dare to look up. In the same way, your donations, even the smallest one, will feed his hope that the world is a place where we all come for a chance to be kinder.”

Tahj Kensley

Local Dandenong Ranges up and coming cricketer Tahj Kensley has been offered an opportunity of a lifetime. Tahj has been offered a place to go on 3 week, 11 game, playing tour with an under 17 squad to tour the UK this June/July. Tahj currently plays cricket for local club Upwey, and turf club Mt Waverley. “My team mates call me ‘Tangles’. I just want to do whatever it takes in trying to make it as a fast bowler. I train 5 nights a week and play 2 days a week during cricket season. Then I train 6 to 7 days a week in the off season.”

My family and I believe this is such a wonderful opportunity to help my career but it does cost a lot. My dad has said he will sell his work ute to try to pay for the trip but I don’t want him to because he needs it for his small business. So I am asking for help to raise the funds to get me there. Tahj and his family understands this is a lot to ask of the local community for and appreciate that its not a world saving cause, but if anyone can help even with the smallest amount, they would sincerely appreciate it. 

If anyone is interested in helping please look up
or contact the family on 97567646.