Halloween on the Green 2018 Finances Report

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The Philanthropic Collective oversees all aspects of the event with one nominated representative from each stakeholder representative school to form a committee of management.

Transparency is of the utmost importance to us.

The entire event is costed with grant funding, monies both raised and donated prior to the event opening. The event is not dependant on pre-purchased ticket sales, stall holder fees or monies raised from stalls operated by any stakeholder to remain in the black before the commencement of the event. The Philanthropic Collective prides itself on ensuring the event is financially solvent without any dependency on monies raised on the day.

$15,000 raised for our Hills Community

The Philanthropic Collective co-funded this year’s festival with support from Yarra Ranges Council, Bendigo Bank – Upwey Community Branch and sponsorships.

The Philanthropic Collective reserves the right to further donate a small portion of monies raised to nominated participating parties.

  • 1st Ferny Creek Scouts Group.
  • Ferny Creek Tennis Club Inc.
  • Ferny Creek Recreational Reserve Committee of Management.

100% of all other fund raising and combined activities championed by our four participating schools and the Philanthropic Collective will be carefully accounted for by third-party auditor/s and divided evenly.

Our inaugural 2017 Event was funded by the Philanthropic Collective and our business community. We were fortunate at that time to be the recipients of a grant for community via Yarra Ranges Council to assist with this year’s event, 2018. 

Due to the grant opportunity, the Philanthropic Collective was able to share the ticket sales and other activities across our schools in 2017, which would otherwise be held towards operational costs for 2018.

Process-of-Accounting for Halloween on the Green 2018:

Before the event the Philanthropic Collective provided all money floats to participating schools and all stalls run by the Philanthropic Collective. All money floats were verified at the point of collection and later reverified by independent counters and signed off as a true and accurate account of funds provided.

Float Verification:

  • Bendigo Bank – Upwey Branch Community Branch – Lisa Hurrey, Customer Relationship Officer
  • Sassafras Pre-School – Debbie Haberfield, Director and Leonie Stow, Educator 

At all times, two representatives for participating schools worked alongside each other collecting money from relevant stalls, changing money for coins, counting and bagging each stall’s taking throughout the day. 

Money Exchanges and Independent Money Audit:

The representatives for the 12:30am – 15:30pm *first portion

Sassafras Primary School Representative:
Jeaniene Spink, School Council Member

Sassafras Pre-School Representative:
Intan Sutanto

The representatives for the 15:30am – 18:30pm *second portion

Sassafras Primary School Representative:
Mel Cornwell, Administration Manager

The Home School Community Representative:
Alison Dolek 

Mel Cornwell, business manager, Sassafras Primary School and Alison Dolek, representative, the Home School Community conducted a count of monies raised on site and then secured all cash in the safe at Sassafras Primary School. That evening, Mel Cornwall and Alison Dolek recounted all money from the day ready to be banked. 

This process was carried out in accordance with correct cash handling procedures as set out by the Department – IBAC (Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission). This independent audit arm process was established to remove The Philanthropic Collective from the process of accounting for funds raised from HOTG 2018.

*The Philanthropic Collective encouraged representation from each stakeholder group to the process of accounting. (Limited to one representative for practicality).

The Philanthropic Collective are unaware of the total amount raised on the day until presented with the final tallied reports by the independent auditors. Once further expenses are deducted, the remaining amounts are divided for distribution to participants and discretionary donations.

In keeping with the Philanthropic Collective’s transparency policy, all stakeholder participates were issued with a detailed copy of our final audit ledger.

Total raised on the Day $14,884.12

Total raised $17,891.00

Estimated attendance only 3,500+

Distribution of Funds:

*Note: The donation to Ferny Creek Recreational Reserve Committee of Management is via the pre-paid deposit to secure the site. This amount is not part of the amount raised on the day.

Amounts Donated: Ferny Creek Tennis Club: $500

Ferny Creek Reserve Committee of Management: $500

1st Ferny Creek Scouts: $1,000

Olinda Primary School: $1,000

The Hills Home Schooling Community: $3,000

Sassafras Primary School: $3,000

Ferny Creek Primary School: $3000

Total: $15,000

Funds retained by The Philanthropic Collective as start up costs for 2019: $2,891.00

Total: $17,891.00