Final Tally for Halloween On The Green 2017

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Dear friends of the Philanthropic Collective.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to spread some magic around our hills and for all our children. It is moments shared in good fun that create beautiful memories. May this just be the beginning of something beautiful that keeps us remembering that we are all to each other, a gift to be celebrated.

We are pleased to present the final tally for Hotg 2017. There are a couple of important line items to understand going forward. One is the process-of-accounting for funds as outlined below and two the money raised from ticket-sales, also outlined below.


At all times, Dorothea Koopman, business manager, Sherbrooke Community School and Mel Cornwall, business manager, Sassafras Primary worked alongside each other collecting money from relevant stalls, changing money for coins and counting each stalls takings that evening at the venue. Dot and Mel then secured all cash in the safe at Sherbrooke Community School. The following day, Dot and Mel recounted all money from the night before ready to be banked. This process was carried out in accordance with correct cash handling procedures as set out by the Department – ibac (Independent broad-based anti-corruption commission). This independent Audit arm process was established to remove The Philanthropic Collective from the process of accounting for funds raised from Hotg.

Ticket Sales:

To clarify, ticket sales at the ‘gate’ the following factors are to be considered. It should not be ‘assumed’ that all entering the front gate paid. 

  • We conducted a school network mail out of twenty five schools in and around the Ridge to promote ‘good will’. With each pack we offered x 5 free family passes to give away to any families facing hardship. *each family pass contained four free entries
  • A letter drop of Clarkmont and Hilton Road’s was also conducted with a free family pass to all residence in the immediate area.
  • Each of our Sponsors were given free family passes to give out to clients and family.
  • Some Volunteers were given family passes for their time and effort in helping us.
  • We made certain that anyone, families who did not have money at the gate were given free entry.

Online Ticket Sales:

All profits raised from on-line ticket sales will be retained by TPC and go towards financing next year’s Event. The total number of on-line ticket purchases was 807. The amount raised was $4842.00 The ticket provider and PayPal’s expenses for administering the ticket sales are $357.88 Leaving a Total amount of $4484.12

Gross Estimate of Numbers Attending:

What we know is the number of on-line tickets sold and the number of paying people through the gates. The total via the gates equates to 836. We estimate that over two hundred family passes were also given out attracting a further 800 people. *We had clickers in place to count people entering; however, due to volunteers not showing up this was abandoned. To sum up a total of 1643 people paid plus 800+ were given out.  

Total estimate attending 2443+ 

Further Considerations:

  • The Philanthropic Collective paid for all sundry items from food stocks to toilet paper.
  • There was no cost outlay to any school and those that did by pre arrangement were reimbursed.
  • We deliberately engineered the price point to be as cheap as possible for all the school stands. This is vital to the ongoing success of the Event.
  • A ‘top up’ of money from The Philanthropic Collective will also be donated to each school from the entrance takings. Note these takings form part of next year’s start-up costs to running the Event.

The Philanthropic Collective extra cash ‘top-up’:

TPC will donate an extra cash top up to each of the three schools to bring the total raised for each school to $4000.00. We will also donate $500.00 to Ferny Creek Primary School for their contribution in creating ‘Art’ in the log cabin.

We believe the day to be an enormous success on multiple levels in bringing our school, business and Arts communities together, none of which would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our committees sponsors and volunteers. A great deal of ‘good will’ and happy memories were created for families. We now have a solid foundation to build on.

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